Paintings inspired by the beauty of Nature

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kc-brugmansia      A different kind of  Fireworks……

On this recent July 4th weekend, many Americans shopped, pushed about in traffic, consumed large quantities of food & alcohol - and reveled in loud noise making and setting off fireworks.  Funny how some celebrate freedom and independence.  

 I wonder if the men and women who worked so hard  and sacrificed so much - over 200 years ago - had those goals in mind for their gift.  Have we forgotten the splendor of true freedom, peace, compassion and the joy of real independence?

Having choices…and choosing with a wise, loving, responsible heart...with curiosity, imagination and awe for the beautiful world around us - often right in our own back yard.   I was blessed – very blessed - to have what I need, to wake up to the sound of birds singing, hear the blissful purring of a cat that had cuddled close all night, to feed enthusiastic gurgling goldfish, tend an organic vegetable garden, marvel at tadpoles growing their legs and to play flutes in an acoustically rich historical old home that I was caring for. kc-goldeneye

Freedom is not being a slave to someone else’s profit - nor is it being lazy.

Hopefully it is discovering your own gifts and talents, growing and creatively reaching your personal best – finding your own song, rhythm and pace.  

In being true to yourself,  you will have a brighter light to share.

For me, the most spectacular fireworks of this Independence Day were the captivating golden sparkles in a cat’s watchful eyes and the glorious cascades of delicate blooms from a pink Brugmansia tree – thrilling and intoxicating my soul.

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